The Math KANGAROO Contest 2018

Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science (SIPS) would like to invite Indonesian students to participate in the Math KANGAROO Contest 2018.
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March 10th, 2018
10.00 am - 12.00 pm
The Venues :

Sinarmas World Academy
CP: Surya Institute (

BPK Penabur Holis
CP: Mr. Wiyardi (08122163244)

Sekolah Putera Harapan
CP: Ms. Melin (0281 640940)

Sekolah Budi Utama
Cp: Ms Poppy (08164222939/

SMP Plus Rahmat
CP: Bang Jon (0822 3363 8107)

IPH Shool
Cp: Mr Wahyudi (08155042868 /

Cp: Mr Tedy (0856 4971 1311)

Sekolah Athirah
Cp: Mr Hery (0852 4277 3002)

Sekolah Citra Kasih Manado
CP: Ms Maya (0811 430 5256, 0431-8827847)

Sekolah lentera kasih
CP: Mr Hari (0811 3857 238)

Prime One School
CP: Ms Esther (0813-6084-1232)

Sekolah Darma Yudha
Cp: Mr Roni (0761 7871009)

Paramount School
CP: Ms Wulan (0822-2080 8111)

LPK Math play
CP: Effien (0811 4310538)

Timika (Individual Registration Only)
Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya
Cp: Andreas Purwanto

1. Pre-Ecolier: student in grade 1 - 2
2. Ecolier: student in grade 3 - 4
3. Benjamin: student in grade 5 - 6
4. Cadet: student in grade 7 - 8
5. Junior: student in grade 9 - 10
6. Students: student in grade 11 - 12

Registration Fee: Rp 175.000,-/participant (latest registration February 5th, 2018 before 17.00)
Yay Surya Institut, BCA Capem Supermal Karawaci, 761.046.6669
Please put *003 in a nominal you will transfer as a payment code for this competition.
(Ex: Payment for 2 participant, you should transfer Rp350.003,-)

For register, please contact/email the Contact Person (CP) in your area.
Further information, please email to
Register NOW!


Further Information:


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