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International Mathematics Tournament Of Town
Written by Syailendra   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011

International Tournament of Town (ITT)
• ITT is a worldwide problem solving competition in mathematics organized in Russia.
• Type of questions: Full solution/essay. The level of problems are very high, i.e. ranging from difficult to very difficult mathematics problems.
• Any town can take part in it. Surya Institute is Indonesia Representative
• The Tournament of the Towns is affiliated with the World Federation of National Mathematics Competition.
• Each round has two levels - O-Level (easier) and A-Level (more difficult), They are scheduled approximately one week apart. Students have the right of choice as well. They may attempt either level or both. The score for the round is the maximum (not the sum) of the scores in the two levels.
• The questions in the O-level are less complicated and are accessible to the beginners. However, students are awarded less points for solving these questions. Nevertheless students can get enough points to win Diplomas if they solve the hardest three problems of the O-level.
• Questions in the A-level are more complicated. The most difficult of them are often solved only by a few participants. A beginner probably has no chance of obtaining any points from these questions. On the other hand, an exceptional student is sometimes awarded for them two or three times as many points as the questions in the O-level.
• Students who exceed a certain minimum score are awarded a Diploma from the Russian Academy of Sciences.
• Opportunity to attend Maths Summer Camp at Moskow, Russia

Results  of 3oth Tournament of towns of Jakarta students
Winner's Diploma

name grade school sex

Christa Lorenzia Soesanto 6th grade Surya Institute Female
Fransisca Susan 6th grade Surya Institute female
Bivan Alzacky Harmanto 7th grade SMP Lab School/ Surya Institute Male
Stephen Sanjaya, 7th grade Canisius Junior College/Surya Institute Male
Felicia Ganardi, 8th grade Surya Institute Female
Tobi Moektijano, 8th grade Canisius Junior College Male
Johan Gunardi 9th grade SMAK 5 BPK Penabur Jakarta/ Surya Institute Male
Ivan Wangsa 9th grade SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta/ Surya Institute Male
Joseph Andreas 11th grade SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta/ Surya Institute Male
Andreas Dui M.G 11th grade SMAK Kolese St. Yusup Male
Aldrian Obaja, 11th grade, 11th grade SMAK 1 BPK Penabuk Bandung Male

results of 31st Tournament of towns of Jakarta students
Winner's Diploma

Richard Akira Heru, 8th grade Surya Institute male
Christa Lorenzia Soesanto, 8th grade Surya Institute Female
Christopher Wiriawan, 8th grade Surya Institute Male
Johan Gunardi, 11th grade Surya Institute Male
Raymond Tanadi, 10th grade Surya Institute Male
Tobi Moektijono, 11th grade
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