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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Surya Institute (SI) was founded in 2006 by Prof. Yohanes Surya, PhD. with the vision of transforming Indonesia through 30 thousand PhD's in science and technology, supported by the mission to reform Science and Math education in Indonesia.  Our efforts are based on how to promote Science and Math learning to be fun, easy and enjoyable (our slogan being ‘Gampang, Asyik, dan Menyenangkan' or "GASING") and also making sure the learning process is meaningful for students, so that what the students learn will become life skills and prepare them to excel in the workforce.  Moreover, we believe that through the advancement of Science and Math education, Indonesia will have plenty of high quality human resources who will highly contribute to both the local and international community.  In order to do that, besides researching and developing materials and method, SI also works together with regional and national governments and schools, including private foundations and corporations, to train teachers, educate future teachers particularly from remote and under-developed regions, and promote science and research activities across Indonesia.

Simultaneously, Prof. Surya and the Surya Institute team, which now also includes the Indonesian Society for the Promotion of Science (ISPS), the Math and Science Olympiad Training Center and Surya College of Education (STKIP Surya), have also successfully trained students from remote areas in Indonesia and simple backgrounds to excel and win in prestigious international science competitions.  These efforts have managed to inspire people nationwide, including both students and teachers, to master science and math in every way possible and aspiring to become even world-renown champions, and even, future Nobel Laureates.  These aspiring students will contribute greatly to the driving force of 30 thousand PhD's transforming Indonesia.

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